Saturday, October 4, 2008

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

On October 1st, I instinctively wore my Pink without realizing Breast Cancer Awareness month had already began. As I ran business errands, I met with a fellow Indie business owner Linda Taylor of Adnil Designs, who was also, all deck out in her support of the cause. I admired her pink polo official breast cancer emblem shirt under a black suit. She also wore a pink and black beaded bracelet she had someone make for her.
Linda began to tell me about how her two sisters had both passed away having breast cancer and that she wears her apparel to honor their memories. It was very moving.
After meeting with her, I thought it would be appropriate to encourage everyone to be sure to support Indies. Spend your dollars with them instead of big box retailers. Your money goes to care for their families and support their cause, which in the end, will leave with a feeling that you made a difference.
To find out more about Linda Taylor and Adnil Designs visit