Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh my aching mouth!

For the past 2 week I have been dealing with having my wisdom tooth pulled. Let's just say that I ended up having post-op trauma from the whole ordeal. I ended up losing three pounds from not being able to eat. (Not a bad thing, lol.)
After several dental visits and an ER trip, I finally saw an orthodontist. Everything had healed up pretty well and I was on the mend. Here's what he told me.
"This is what happens when you ask a dentist to do a Orthodontist job. It takes them 10-20 times longer to pull the tooth than it does us. Next time you need a tooth pulled come see me!" Point taken!
This is a life lesson we can all learn. Go to the Pro! Don't waste your time with an amateur, or someone who doesn't specialize in what you need done. You'll end up waisting valuable time and resources. I know there are times you may need to go to a student or someone less qualified for financial reasons. That's perfectly fine ,if they know what they are doing. If I had have go to the specialist first, I would have healed sooner, saved time and money, and not missed so many days where I could have been more productive.
Thank God, I am much, much better and back in the saddle. Lesson Learned!