Monday, October 20, 2008

Follow through!

Today I learned a hard but valuable lesson. In business, you must follow through!

Several weeks ago, I posted a blog regarding a free business banner program that FedEx offered local businesses. You could get a free banner for your business that was well over $100 value.
In my attempts to get my banner made, I ran into a few obstacles. The first being that I was at the wrong FedEx, and when I went to the right store, the person who would have helped me was out that day. So after spending an hour in their store with two very bored and anxious boys, I decided to come back another day. Well, needless to say, another day was to late. I called FedEx this morning to find that the program ended in August!!!
I am beyond frustrated, but not at FedEx, I'm mad at myself, even though they did make it a little challenging for me. The fact is I made excuses for not going back, like, "I'll wait until the boys are back in school", and "I can't do it today, I've got to make soap"! But the truth is I blew it and missed out on what could have been a great blessing for my business!
Which leads me to my point. I must follow though! You must follow through, we all must follow through. In these tough times, the success of our businesses depends on it. So as I work on my issues, I hope that you will take a look at yours too. What's holding us back? Why do we make the excuses for not seeing a project through? Let's get real with ourselves. We have too much to lose!