Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You Go Girl! latest news

Hello once again. I hope the new year has been going well for all of you. I just wanted to let my gracious customers know that I have taken somewhat of a hiatus. This is a slow time of year for me and I plan to cut back production. However, you can always email me for a special order and I will be glad to whip up a batch of soap for you. I don't mind doing this at all. In fact it keeps products fresh and prevents waste.
I've also been hard at work with the re-opening our gospel music store, Living Light Books and Music. It's still in the works but you can read the blog to be kept up to date. And don't forget my money savings blog,, where I update it consistently.

Stay warm!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

What's your plan this year?

Happy New Year to all! I hope things are going well for everyone.

The begining of a new year brings us hope and the desire for change. Many people make New Years resolutions only to find that they give up on them a month later. Some can't even remember what they were!

This year, choose to set a goal instead. Goals are healthy when you take the appropriate steps to get there. Make it simple and achievable. You set yourself up for failure if your goal is too large or too challenging.

My goal for my business this year is to cut back on unnecessary spending. I don't often follow a budget in my business spending and sometimes end up with lots of gift baskets, nick-nacks for my displays, and items that are so cute that I just had to buy them. Can I get a witness?

Anyway, my plan is to only purchase what I know that I need and work from a budgeted amount. How about you? What's your business goal this year? In one sentence, describe how your going to 2009 different from last year.