Wednesday, June 18, 2008

K.G.- You did it!!!

This blog isn't about soap or business. And I'm not a huge fan of basketball, except for any t4eam my son plays for. However, I just had to write it. Go Celtics!!!!!!!!!!!
Now before I upset any of my readers, I must explain.
You see, Kevin Garnet had been a MN Timber wolf for years a. We all loved K.G. (the kid back then) since day one. He was "our" superstar. He worked hard year after year to try to take our team to the top. So when it was time for him to leave, most of us were glad for him because he deserved a Championship and he probably wouldn't get it in MN. Well most fans just followed him to the Celtics and wouldn't you know it, he finally gets his ring. I can't believe it! K.G. we're proud of you!!!


dcyrill said...

I have followed him since he was drafted to the timberwolves and now the celtics. The win is a great one for him and the whole team.

Stacie B. said...

It's still hard to believe even months later!